Yesterday as soon as the tools were out of our living room, I headed out to gather cleaning supplies and came home to start my work - cleaning, organizing, rearranging. This is a start.

Once you have shiny new floors, other things start to look a bit worn. These couches are old. And inherited at least four different times by four different college students. They stuck with us. We like their lines and simplicity, but I hate the pleather (it's sticky). My first effort is the bludot swap meet. I think my quilt would look very nice on the side of that piece...I'm sure a similar one would look great at their offices too! Please pick me!!

The coffee table was the husband's grandma's and I stripped and re-finished it. I think it needs another look - a different color stain? Paint?

Recliner is from IKEA.

Rug is from Terrget (Kristen Wiig - you are a tresure).

Popcorn is yummy.

The wall behind everything needs some work too - either a shelf or some large artwork propped up on the floor.

Finally - wood is hickory and was a middle ground for the husband and I. He won with the skinny strips, but I kindof like them (don't tell).

So that is a sneak peak at our still in-progress project.


  1. I'm starting to think about some changes for my house when we get back there. I love the new leather dining room chairs that come in some bright colors! ca

  2. that space is looking so comfortable! i LOVE the floors. and your modern style - i like that! if i didn't have trail-center-style, i'd have modern style. ;)

    your quilt ROCKS!

    and i think the coffee table should be one of the colors in your quilt - red or green or blue. that's what i think. :)

    also - wouldn't a funky side-table be fun by your ikea chair? just a thought.

    i hope the sun is shining on you this afternoon - it's finally shining here!

  3. We like your new look! The wood floor and new rug are beautiful. Can't wait to see all of your re-do. sms & tas