string theory

The string quilt.

I've been wanting to try it forever - there are numerous versions out there, most notably this one from film in the fridge. So I collected some scrappy strips and got started a bit ago on a present. I have to be vague, since the lovely couple may be reading this on their honeymoon (I hope not...if you are - put down the crack-i-phone-berry!!), but it is not a quilt. I don't think I could do an entire quilt using this method! It's sooo fussy and small and I still can't quite handle random without analyzing fabric choices. Small scale, I may attempt another, but I can't rip off enough foundation paper to make a large project. Just thought you would like to know!

I must say - I really love this project. Once its in the mail, I'll be able to show you more, but I used the most unexpected border from my stash that really sets everything off wonderfully! And it's so great to use little bits from different projects together. Lots going on around here - I'll be sharing more great projects in the next few days! See you then!

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