a few things

So there are load of things that I've been neglecting to tell you. Mostly because I don't have any fun pictures. Mostly because the sun now sets real soon after I get home from work and doesn't really get into our house (my usual photo spot is on our kitchen table - eastern exposure) until I should be leaving for work.

1. I started a facebook page for craftyMSP. That's right - msp finally caved and went all in the social media game. I post there occasionally when I update the shop and share pictures and shout-outs. You can 'like' me if you want.

2. My products are now featured in another retail location in Minneapolis. Salon Stella now is using my silky eye-pillows and selling them too! Go there if you want the best service and styling - I can't say enough good things about everyone there!

Another post lacking photos. Sorry. Let's work on that - ok sun?

Just for some kicks, here's another one from my scarf photo shoot -

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