block: double pinwheel
size: 10.5" square
fabric: blue bubbles, brown checked and white swirls

This was my practice pinwheel. I'm in a solid quilting bee and September is our first month. Krista sent out pink, yellow and white solids and requested pinwheels. I needed to do a practice to make sure I got the numbers right - 7/8" is the magic number when you're working with triangles. I like it so much, I may start my own pinwheel sampler quilt!

Here is the real deal:

I didn't have enough solid white by mail or in my stash, so I improvised and did a little variation on the top pinwheel. This one is like a propeller and I love that the white pin in the middle really pops!

Because photo-trickery, the corners wouldn't line up when I cropped, so it looks like they are way off point at the bottom. Don't worry - they're not!

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  1. pretty :) I had the same idea about this inspiring me to do my own pinwheel sampler!