once a cheater...

I'm a cheater. We've documented my inability to follow patterns in-depth previously, but I would also like to discuss my inability to follow rules.

A few months ago, our modern quilt guild had a challenge: each person shares a 2.5" strip of a poka-dot print and we use them to make whatever we wish. We could add one fabric excluding the backing and binding. I cut all my strips into squares and used Oh Fransons! method for quick piecing small squares. I'm not sure I will use this method again - the piecing was a snap, but the cutting and ironing really tripped me up. I'm not much of an iron-er anyway, but separating each seam and pressing open nearly sent me over the edge. Keeping with the poka-dot theme, I used red Momo Wonderland (just love those giant dots).

Sorry - this is getting long. On to the cheating part...

Originally, I didn't mean to use the Wonderland as a border. I was always going to use a green stripe. But then I laid out my tiny squares and the one red fabric was ruining the bunch. And clashing with the pink. So, I pulled out the giant circles and fussy-cut a few to sneak in with the squares.

I love both looks. The center blocks and the backing/binding really tie them together. I never thought I would be able to make it work - so many clashing pokas/colors! The group's projects were outstanding - everyone made something so creative and different! You can see them here. And I was the only cheater (but I'm ok with that).

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