Hello! Happy Monday!

We are back from a weekend up north - it was the annual festival in my home town, Fisherman's Picnic. A four day celebration with fish throwing contests, fireworks and parades. We celebrated donuts, cool weather and bingo! My mom has always said that the day after Fisherman's (which is always the first weekend in August), the tourist leave town and a crisp air blows in the first hint of fall.

I was going to do an homage to that wonderful season for my sunnymonday post - a prequel if you will. But, I can't even look at sweaters and scarfs on the internet as I sit typing in my underwear in this heat. (Sorry - probably too much information, but really - inferno).

images from weheartit
I hope these help cool you off. I am going to get a popsicle from the freezer right now!

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