After months of stalking craigslist and hoping to find a buffet to store stuff in our dining room, I finally found one!! It was the right size, style and price (I can't believe what people are asking for their crappy furniture lately! Has anyone else noticed this?), so I snapped it up. And ran to the outer burbs to pick it up.

Big enough to hold our bar, fancy glasses, linens and serving trays; it is actually a bit too big for the space. We will have to pull out the table if we want to fit 6 people around it. But that happens maybe 3 times a year. And really - that is the price of townhouse living. But it has freed up so much space in our kitchen, that I don't even care! I love it.

And - this is a big part of my simple goal #4! We are well on the way to having a beautifully decorated main level before the end of the year! Yay!


  1. It looks great. And I totally agree with you that Craigslist in Minneapolis has been over-priced recently!

  2. Looking good!! We like it. sms/tas

  3. sometimes there exists a priceless inner beauty in that over-priced crap :)

    ... but i'm totally diggin your buffet. when you're ready to sell it for a ridiculous amount, let me know!