quilt block challenge

I'm calling this back-to-basics and make-it-modern. Two little challenges wrapped into one. We could also call it basic-modern-throwdown - maybe Bobby Flay will show up.

Basically, I have a book with oodles of quilting blocks that I would like to figure out how to make. They are all really traditional blocks, many with points and tiny triangles and what-not. (Tangent - My boss claims 'what-not' is a Minnesota term - thoughts? Am I using jargon that is foreign to those in the rest of the country?) I'm going to make each of these blocks, to understand each block as a single unit and the patterns of multiple units. Then I'll try to 'modernize' the block, putting a twist on it and creating an entirely different block with the same concept. I'm going to share along the way.

This block - 'roman stripe' is the basis for a zig-zag pattern and super easy. By sewing long strips together, then cutting into squares, you get sets of three rectangles and piece them together. If you turn the rectangles around - depending on your contrast level, you get lots of different patterns - pinwheels, staccato/jagged stripes and color blocks.

I used the pinwheel pattern for my modern block with a bit of a wonk. Playing with the size of strip you start with and the contrast really makes this a versatile block.

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