It's been a great week for mail. I mean - so great, if I were at Camp Vermillion, I would have to sing for my mail great. (I have fond memories of summer camp as a kid, but that's not really one of them. If you got three pieces of mail - care packages, letters, extra underwear - you would have to get up in front of everyone and sing a song. There were boys at this camp. It was embarrassing.)


Check out what I got!
I ordered tags for my goods (thanks for the idea Badlands Quilts!). In my head, they were bigger, and I was going to sew them into the quilt backs somewhere. In reality, they are pretty small, but they work perfect for tagging other things - Watch out!

Then, I ordered a custom stamp from here and it was on my doorstep in a blink of an eye.

Finally - new fabric!
The pin dots are for a project I'm working on; the floral is just cause it's pretty; and the green/pink polka-dot swirly is for a exchange/project that we are doing next week at my Modern Quilter's Guild.