It's finally time for my Blog it Forward post! Welcome to anyone who is new to craftymsp - I'm glad you stopped by. Everyone has had such great inspirational posts, so first I have to say I'm totally inspired by every crafty person out there.

It's hard to narrow down inspiration in a few images. After sorting and searching and pondering, there seems to be one thread connecting my thoughts - a study of contradiction. 

I am in love with the city and the country. I mix modern design with worn artifacts. Nature is always a constant. People I love. Color. I get energized by traveling to new places, but love being at home. I like to compare the glitz and the rough, the edgy but playful. Here are a few images from my travels and my homes that I hope express these feelings - enjoy! -Marie

And tomorrow, go check out Nikolina at Cupcakes, Glitter and Art for what inspires her!


  1. Love your inspirations!!! xoxoxo

  2. beautiful images-- happy blog it forward!

  3. great images, great inspiration!! Check out my blog at http://verveocity.blogspot.com/ Thx!