We saw the movie "Penelope" last weekend. This wonderful story is about a girl who falls under a curse, transforming her lovely face into a porcine look-alike. She is a lonely girl, hidden away by her parents, but she has the most wonderful, whimsical bedroom to live in. Oh how I want to live in her bedroom! There were terrariums and trees; swings and butterflies and a whole wall of ribbons!
elsie's studio at abeautifulmess
I've already gushed about these trees once, but they are just so yummy! And Penelope totally would have wrapped trees in fabric. I was so inspired by the movie sets, costumes, everything. And yes, I am looking forward to seeing Alice in Wonderland for the same reason. How can you not be excited about the queen of hearts with a digital head? Happy Thursday my friends. We are almost at the end of another week.

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