It's sunny Monday again and since I've been neglecting my other blog that I share with my mom, aunt and sister - sewsewwhat, I worked out a "5 things" post over there.
It's my birthday week and I can't wait!! We are having a party to celebrate 90 years combined between my hubby, our good friend Jamison and me. Because I'm in the list making mood, so here's another:

5 GREAT things about being 30:
-I feel like I finally know who I am. That person isn't too different from who I was when I was 8, but I think teens and twenties throw it off track a bit.
-I've finally figured out the secret to my hair and skin. They are both better than when I was 20. HELLO - layers are your friend.
-I don't have 7 jobs in one year. (in my mid-20's that was pretty standard)
-I still have close friends from elementary school and high school and those friendships just keep getting better with age.
-My family and I are also closer than ever - we've come a long way from screaming and fighting through the teenage years!

So that's my list. Yay birthdays!

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  1. happy birthday! glad you're excited about 30 :)