sparkles and bobbles

Over the weekend I went to a jewelry party. You know - tupperware, but with sparkles. I'm usually firmly on the no side of in-home parties, but this one was fun - it always helps to have a fun hostess who refills my glass with champagne...

Anyway, I didn't purchase anything, not necessarily because I didn't find anything to loove, or I didn't find anything in my price range. I couldn't buy anything, because I had absolutely no idea what was strewn about my dresser at home. It had been so long since I had seen the top of my dresser, that I couldn't remember the contents of my jewelry collection. And time has taught - if I like something, I will buy 10 slightly different things, forgetting about the first nine in my closet (this has happened with cream sweaters and, as my husband can attest, the color teal).
So I cleaned it!

And found things that I haven't worn for years!

My dresser sits in a closet, which is good for floor space, not good for finding socks (lighting is still a problem I'm working on). But, I can use the closet to my advantage with necklaces, belts and watches - just clasp or drape them over the bar.
Other pieces get a home in this colorful cigar box with smaller box inserts. There is one for pendents, a couple for earrings and bracelets...right now everything fits. I've been thinking of a shadow box display with cork board as a spot for earrings and a couple other storage solutions lately. 

A closer look at my closet reveals: Pink shoes used as decoration. A gift from a friend - they don't fit, but are too pretty to go away. After all the organizing, I have been fixing and re-purposing old and broken pieces...more to come later this week.

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