saturday updates

A few things...

I am taking the online indie biz class (see sidebar). So excited - hoping it will inspire me to really carve out some time for this etsy venture that I've started.

Painting is going well. I'm still not done. A bit frustrated with the slow progress, but just chipping away. I haven't been in my sewing room in three weeks because of vacation and painting - hope to get back there one of these days.

I'm starting a modern quilting group! Our first meeting will be at Sewtropolis in South Minneapolis (Nicollete & Diamond Lake Road). Tuesday, March 23rd at 6:00 pm. Nikol at Sewtropolis and I started talking about a group with different people at the same time and then we met! I'm so grateful for the location and can't wait to get started! Come by if you are interested in quilting and haven't yet found your niche.

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