show and tell


This was the first home project inspired by my painting. These black boxes have been sitting behind our sofas for three years, just like this - their only purpose was to hold speakers for the TV. B built them while in school and they used to hold dvds and vhs tapes, but have been empty. Like I said yesterday, I've been looking around for opportunities to spruce up our stuff. Black boxes become:

Bright display shelves!!! I went to the Paper Source today and managed to make it out with just one purchase - a great gray paper with large white flowers. Then I used spray mount to mount the paper to the back of the box and put the shelves back in with knick-knacks that haven't really had a place to go ever.

I got the blocks "P", "S" and one with a "Nest" last summer at an antique shop for our last names. The Jack Daniels tin is a perfect holder for our head scratcher (real thing and real awesome) and eye pillow.
I got the owl as a present for myself at the sparkly shop - aka Patina - one day when I needed a pick-me-up. Have you ever done that? The only other time I remember was especially dire and I actually had it gift wrapped. For myself. 
It worked.

Finally - the little mugs were granted to me from my mother-in-law, who really likes to clean out her stuff and send it home with us. I may have mentioned I liked these cups and suddenly they were boxed up and in the car. Thanks SMS - now they finally have a home.

I think this project really demonstrates what I'm really trying to do with the home make-over: use what I have, make it interesting and intentional, and scatter color and fun around. Really, I guess this could be my motto for life - scattering color and fun.


  1. You have a way of scattering fun wherever you go! That makes you special. ca

  2. I'm liking your gray paint and the neat paper behind the shelves on B's old shelf. sms