red-tag special

Remember this guy? It's a Christmas table runner that I still have from the holiday sales and I would like to give one last present away. So - let me know how your holiday turned out (and if you were as happy as I was vacuuming up the last bits of tinsel) and you may win! I will pick someone at the end of the week.

Some of the highlights from our gatherings - snow/rain/snow, curling (gotta get the family out while its raining...we're going to make it a tradition - talk to me int 2011 about the jingle-bell-bonspiel), skiing, movies...

I know the holiday is over and I may be a bit late on this gift, but think of it as a holiday super sale (free) that you can enjoy in just 12 short months.

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  1. Well, if someone had a birthday on Feb 1st, it would make a great gift and the recipient would charish it!