gosts of new years past

Happy New Year! I got so caught up in the spirit of the holidays (read: lazy), that I took a break from blogging this last week. Hope you all made your resolutions and said hello to the new year however you do. Personally, I've celebrated in so many different ways over the years...

*wading in waste deep snow while playing an all night game of winter capture the flag with half of my high school class
*pulling a sled loaded with beer through the woods
*barely awake after a long day of skiing
*stopping for a quick layover at a bar full of animal heads and other 'stuffed art' (hello South Dakota) after days of driving back from Montana
*drinking champagne from a straw from the bottle with my best friend (I won't even go into the rest of that story)
*enjoying 9 lbs of bacon treats the night of with those brave souls who laugh in the face of bacon-chocolate-chip cookies (seriously delicious) and then discovering the strange/wonderfulness of the Mummers Parade the next morning

Last night we tamed the celebration a bit - dinner and a movie topped with a quick stop at a small gathering to watch the ball drop. It was every bit as perfect as those past celebrations.

Hello 2010. I think you're going to be a good one.

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