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I know I promised holiday decor this week, so today I plan to do a roundup of twinkles around the house. Right now, I'd like to share the "wreath" I whipped up last week. Most wreaths are green or at least some sort of natural, but since this year we're going oh so not natural (ahem, silver tree?), I decided to make this  modern wreath with scraps from my workshop.

What's that? You need a modern wreath too?
 Well - unfortunately, I didn't take pictures while I was constructing...but it is really simple:
1.      Start with a styrofome form – any size.
2.      Get out all of those scrap piece of quilters batting you’ve saved – you know, the ones that are too small for anything except 5” wide quilts. I used synthetic batting scraps in pure white, but you could certainly use natural cotton for a more organic look.
3.      Wrap the form with the batting, so no styrofome is showing.
4.      Wrap the batting with yarn to secure it in place. I used two balls (green and blue) that were leftover from some mittens. Keep wrapping until you are satisfied with the look and feel of your wreath.
5.      Finally, I added some left-over fabric and two hanging ornaments to the center. I have plans to make more wreaths embellished with bells, shiny balls, ribbon…

Easy. And non-messy, which is important. Our vacuum cleaner is out of commission right now. I had to use the shop vac on the sticks from the outdoor wreath and the tinsel from the tree…

…sticks and tinsel are still littering the floor.

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