making a list...

I'm late on the SunnyMonday!! These are the good things this week:

I'm knitting again. Two pairs of mittlets done - mittens that stop at the knuckles for wearing indoors when you just don't want to turn the furnace up (or are working away in the sweat shop). I have a great idea for a tube scarf too.

Really good advice from my hairstylist. She gives me a beer, cuts and curls my hair and encourages my creativity. (She even helped me out with an outfit for the weeknd - rockstar).

Snow on the ground!! Here to stay too - temps have plumetted...does anyone else feel super refresh when walking outside in the chill? I know I do.

Xmas came early to our house.

Enjoy your week!

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  1. I'm liking a beauty shop that serves beer! and what a great Monday attitude you have.