It is a beautiful day. A mild, sunny fall day that is so needed after an entire month of rain. Seriously needed. The husband has been waiting patiently to go farming, but the farm is under a layer of mud that is not speeding work along. Hopefully this weekend dries things out. I'm very unfamiliar still with the world of farming that I married into, but I'm picking up bits and pieces along the way. The most important - farmers are patient. Waiting, waiting, waiting...always waiting on the weather.

I am not patient. Which is probably a reason projects take so long to finish. A short attention span and constant ideas bumping around in my head equals many projects started, less projects finished.

This project is now finished in just under a year. This quilt, "siesta" was made with fabric that I received last Christmas as a gift with a fat-quarter quilt pattern, titled "Yellow Brick Road". It got a bit busy, so I added the brown floral stripes to break each set of blocks. This one may find its home in our bedroom, since it has the brown and light blue that I have been envisioning, but it's actually the perfect picnic size, so it may just find itself out on the lawn on beautiful days like today.

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  1. NICE! I still need to put the binding on mine and it's been together since last March! We're praying for sunshine all month - so far Nov. has been better weather than Sept and Oct.! sms