I think the sunnymonday worked! I went to work with a positive attitude, a cheery disposition, and a soy latte. These got me through a 10 hour work day, some volunteer work, and an extended client meeting. Now time for some relaxation - with magic eye pillows.

Crafted using organic buckwheat seed from a family farm in nearby South Dakota and dried lemon thyme from my garden, these are real eye savers (I'm also doing scent free and lavender). I just tested it out and the weight sits nice and heavy, drowning out the day's stress. You can also put them in the freezer or microwave to use as cold/hot packs. I'm tempted to pile all six on top of my head and leave them there through the night.

These aren't going in my etsy shop just yet, I need to save some products for a craft show that I'll be doing early December, but soon - I'll be updating everything soon.

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