just to be fair...(and I'm too tired to care that this title is terrible)

Just a few updates to my garden - a pink, feathery sedum and some rich fall mums. Yes - the state fair is soon coming to an end - fall is in the air.

I ran through the barns and buildings last night ... if you've never been to the Minnesota State Fair, I suggest you go. Yes mom, I just recommended people go to the state fair. But not with a group. And never on a Saturday or Labor Day. Or when its hot.

Go by yourself*. On a Tuesday. With no agenda - if you see a baby animal, that's cool, but no expectations. I saw the most beautiful dahlias, but no flower arrangements that compare to Audrey's (my grandma -the originator of the habit). I saw Obama's head composed entirely of seeds. And of course, I saw the state's largest pumpkin.

*I did go to the fair with my husband, but he camped out in the Midway taking pictures early on, so I wandered the aisles of crop art by myself and met up with him later for cheese curds and beer. It really is a wondrous place.

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