Ever had one of those evenings when you go to three locations to find your face moisturizer, only to discover at the third that the company just changed the letters that say "sensitive" to micro-sized, so the right one was probably at all three, but just didn't announce itself properly, then walk outside to your car and the button that controls the shifting mechanism will not operate, so you call everyone you know and finally an hour later have a backup car, a husband on a bike, a DQ in your hand and a running/moving vehicle, so you pop into the grocery store, because thats what you really needed, but the grocery store on this Wednesday night has been RAVAGED, so you have to buy the fancy lettuce and then wait in the slow line while the clerk who has a nametag that says "new" tries to fix the credit card machine.


Vacation is over.

Here is something to distract.

(that husband with bike is a good photographer - don't you think?)

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