shake it up

So I'm sorting out the funk. It's been a hard summer, a full summer, a busy summer.

First I have to say, we have had (and are continuing to have) SO MUCH FUN with many friends and family. I wish the summer was just having fun - I do like having fun!

We are working hard, but still afraid of the economy (thus we work even harder).

We've said goodbye to a family member and watched family members say goodbye to their family.

We're saying goodbye to a dear friend this weekend as he moves across the country (and said the same to one moving the other direction two weeks ago).

We have been on the road north, south and west.

Its been cold?
At least we haven't run the air conditioner this month. (its JULY!)

All in less than three months.

The rains have started (and the sprinkler is still on).

I'm ready to be inspired again. And to use this blog as not just a project gallery, but as my inspiration gallery. I may not be finishing much these days, but we all need a bit of daily inspiration. For project ideas, enjoying life, work, decorating, dressing oneself, etc.

I've been putting together our wedding album into on of those great online books. You just plug the photos into the pages and they send you a book! (I know - 2 years later, but whatever.)

These were handmade paper "flowers" hanging along the path to our wedding. (Martha gave me the idea, but I couldn't tell you if they still have those instructions on their site..) They were the perfect touch of unexpectedness and whimsy for our wedding. A bit of sparkle in the woods. A diamond in the rough if you will. Ok - sorry - cliche, but I kind of think of my husband that way.

So that's my inspiration for today. Be unexpected. Remember the whimsy. Look for the diamonds.

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