in memory

I've been absent from blog-land. Family tragedy and a hard two weeks. I try to focus on the crafty life here at this blog, but I can't help but get off course every so often - sinews in my brain are connected. So tonight I wander...

My husband's aunt passed away last week from a very aggressive cancer. She wasn't old or sick; thankfully, she also wasn't in pain or stress for very long. She was loved deeply by her family and although she wasn't in my life for very long, I loved deeply too. So I took some beautiful flowers from her funeral to nurture them and keep her memory alive in them. Looking out into the garden I will think of her and her wonderful family. I love you all.

There are a few other things to think about when things like this happen: I love my moms (all of them - mom, sisters, aunts, mom-in-law, 2nd-3rd-13th moms). I love my husband. Do what you love and have fun everyday of life. This is what I've been thinking...crafting will follow soon.

(Let me take you on a tour of the rest of my garden)

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